Prerana Special School
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Prerana is a non profit organization formed and run by St. Thomas Orthodox Seminary with the purpose of serving the needy and suffering near the villages around the seminary in Nagpur.

One of the major works undertaken by the society is the special training given to the mentally challenged children near and around Kalmeshwar.

Future plans of Prerana society includes developing new vocational training programs, starting a rehab center for the mentally challenged children, purchasing a minibus for the transportation of the students, etc.

Our Mission

Help to help oneself is our motto. The school is trying its best to develop the hidden potentialities of these students and help them to fulfill their life.  We organize various programs to equip parents and relatives to take care of the special needs children effectively, and we conduct awareness programs in the society so that the public could also help the mentally challenged to come to the mainstream of the society.  We also give in-service training to the staff who come from extremely poor background and enable them to be self sufficient.

Vocational Programs

Mentally Challenged Children are getting training in vocational programs, enabling them to develop various skills.  Currently screen printing and envelope making are the two major programs that are beneficial to the children.  Candle making is also another program that is being accepted widely by the students.  We continue to develop more programs based on the students’ interest and acceptance.


Dedicated teachers who have done special education training are employed full time to take care of the special needs children. Committed services of one part time psychologist/counselor, one social worker, one accountant, one driver, one cook, and two care takers, etc. are also noteworthy. Members of Prerana Society, majority of them being teachers of the Seminary also serve and support the school through their voluntary service.

Future Projects

A Clinic and rehab center for the mentally challenged children is an important need in this part of the country. We are also planning on purchasing a minibus for their transportation. There are also plans of purchasing 10 Acres of Orange farm close to the school to support its operations, as well as to give training and employment to some of the older students who pass from the school.